I've put together such list/teams for the past number of years; hope you guys don't mind me posting it here - on (IMO) THE biggest/best site/source for CFL info & opinions.

Not meant to be a predictor of who the top picks will be in the upcoming draft; but more of an across the board positions team - based mostly on college ball play: stats, all-star recognition and awards, and from having seen some of these guys play a bit in college ball (plus in reading opinions on the various CFL fan foruns from others who have seen them); also taking into account CFL E-Camp testing #s and reports from there. Some of the position groups are not taking into account specific positions (lke for O-Line - OT vs. OG or C; or at receiver - slotback vs. WR; or at linebacker - MLB as opposed to OLB types) - so there a more general look at those position groups. Went with 5 receivers rather than listing a fullback - since 5 pack is a more common look in CFL offence.

QB - N/A

RB - Steven Lumbala (Calgary)

Receiver - Mike DiCroce (McMaster), S-J Haidara (Laval), Chris Dobko (Calgary), Simon Le Marquand (Ottawa), Yannick Morin-Plante (Laval)

O-Line - Matt Sewell (McMaster), Cory Watman (E. Michigan), Brett Jones (Regina), Nolan MacMillan (Iowa), Brander Craighead (UTEP)

DT - Linden Gaydosh (Calgary), Stefan Charles (Regina)

DE - Andy Mulumba (E. Michigan), Ben D'Aguilar (McMaster)

LB - Bo Lokombo (Oregon), Mike Edem (Calgary), C-O Prime (Wagner)

DB - Patrick Chenard (Sherbrooke), Cam Wade (Acadia), Kris Robertson (Concordia), Joey Cupido (McMaster), Matt McGarva (Windsor)

Kicker - Brett Lauther (Saint Mary's)