I hate to start another wine thread, but this deserves its own. Then again, if there are people who don't like wine, they don't have to read it.

I'm sure some of you have heard of Natalie Maclean, who claims to be "the world's best wine writer." She has a phone app which apparently will give you "her" review of any wine available in Canada. Now it has come out that she plagiarized reviews by wine writers around the world, including some of the best, without their consent and without giving them proper accreditation. http://palatepress.com/2012/12/wine/...#comment-45652

What's strange is that under Canadian copyright law, she might not even be breaking the law, or it is unclear if she is! But I find this grossly lacking of any kind of professional ethic. It makes no sense. People pay money to read her advice, which in fact is just ripped off the net and particularly from the Vintages Wine Catalogue, an LCBO publication.

This story is growing rapidly on the net and twitter. I wonder if the Canadian media will get involved.

Although we've never met, she's contacted me four times wondering if I would be interested in reviewing her books, blog for her, etc. And no, I didn't.