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    Watched the Astros and the Twins last nite , first place clubs and Verlander on the mound for Houston , game was in Minnesota .
    Real good ball club they got there in Minny and they won 1 to 0

    Sadly , only 12K in the Twin City decided to show up. Blame it on the weather I guess . It would be a pleasure to see someone different than the Indians come out of that division . Tired of the Tribe.


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      Red hot 1st place Cardianls will be visiting the friendly confines this upcoming weekend . The Cubs sent Adisson Russell to their triple A Iowa club as he winds down his 40 game spousal abuse charge . I really don't see why they are sticking with this guy when they dont have to .

      CC Sabathia recorded his 3000th strikeout last nite in the desert.

      Massive turnout of Cubs fans in Seattle last nite as the Cubs beat the pesky Mariners 6 to 5 . Big Rizz hit a 2 run shot and Schwarber's two run shot to win the game may still be going .

      The Pirates snapped an 8 game loosing streak last nite.

      Dodgers are the first team in the bigs to 20 wins .

      The SF Giants can be as bad or good as they want this year with Bruce Bochys final year as their manager . They ain't gonna fire him nohow. They are currently last in their division .

      7 Afternoon games today , wish it was deck sitting weather.


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        Good to see Kyle Hendricks throwing darts again . He required only 81 pitches through 9 innings , throw in a Big Rizz HR and that lead to a Cubs win . Cubs are 1.5 games back of the Cards in the NLC.

        The Cinncinnati Reds blew a 8 to 0 lead against the Giants and lost 12 to 11 in extra innings. Giants tied it in the 9th at 11 with a solo shot .

        KCRoyals have 18 triples this season . Boston, Yankees and Brewers all have 1 each .

        The Mariners have struck out more than any other team with 339 whiffs. The LAA the least amount at 189 times.

        The Cubs lead the league in getting HBP with 21 ouches.


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          14 And 3 in their last 17 and a loud sweep this past weekend from the front running Cardinals when they entered Wrigley equals a 1st place status in NLC for the Cubs. How about that !!

          Cubs open a 4 game set against the Marlins at Wrigley starting on Monday.

          Sale wins his first game of the year on the weekend .

          The Padres aided by two bunt singles against the shift in the 9th and finishing it off with a grand slam to beat the Dodgers 8-5

          Buck Farmer of the Tigers has the coolest name in MLB

          The Royals have committed only 11 errors all season and the Rangers have turned the most DPs at 37

          The Astros .273 BA is the best in MLB

          The Mighty Bruins look to move on to the ECF with a win in Columbus tonight . Go Bruins !


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            Marlins are the best 10 win only club , in MLB

            Bruins , in the ECF


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              Fiers fires a no hitter against the Reds last evening. Two spectacular plays by the Athletics defense kept the game in tact , one was a home run brought back in off the bat off one Joey Votto. It was Fiers second no no of his career.

              Kris Bryant walks off the Cubs in the 9th agajnst the mighty Marlins and the Cubs bounce back into top spot.

              Bruins and Blues final , just like 1970. The rematch is still intact in 2019. The McAvoy less Bruins open up onThursday at Boston
              Brad Marchand leads the Bruins in scoring with 13 points.
              Bruin fans are gonna see Whaler green in the stands to be sure.

              The Twins are running away with the division. They've opened up a four game lead on Francos Indians . Finally, a challenge has come from.

              The Yankees score 3 in the 9th to beat the Mariners . One they shouldn't have won but did on a very close play at the plate for the game winning run.

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                Phillies taking the field this afternoon in St Louis as one of their long time executives passes away . Broadcasters and organizational members from the Phillies are sharing heartfelt stories throughout the broadcast .

                Phillies lead the Redbirds 4 to nada in the 6th

                Play Ball Mr Montgomery.



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                  Joey Gallo hit his 100th HR yesterday for the Rangers of baseball, becoming the first player in MLB history to hit their 100th career HR before their 100th career single


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                    Baseball on the deck today , it's cool outside but at least sunny

                    ALE Leading Tampa Rays , tied it in the 9th to head to extra innings in Florida against Arizona. There have been 29 strike outs in this game thus far. Rays are a surprise leader this year . Good pitching. High BA


                    • 42 K's in that 13 inning game between the Diamond Backs and the Raze . Arizona wins 3 to 2

                      Adisson Russell makes his MLB debut of 2019 with the Cubs at Wrigley . It will be interesting to hear the small crowd at Wrigley towards Russell after his long suspension for spousal abuse .


                      • Mixed reaction for 27 from the Wrigleyites. More boos and jeers than cheers IMO. Hes gonna be a hard sell anywhere going forward


                        • The Red Sox are percolating and will now have a long homestand to recapture their perch in the east . Sale had an emaculant inning last nite and Jackie Bradley Jr made the catch of the year


                          Jason Heward walked off the Cubs against the Marlins . Cubs play this afternoon then they host the red hot Brewers again .
                          Gonna be a good series . Cubs and Marlins this afternoon.
                          Ben Zobrist is on a leave of absence for family matters. Come back soon Ben so true Cubs can send Russell packing .

                          Beautiful Bruins open up their ECF series vs the Hurriwhale tonight . Local start time is 6pm. Bruin party starts at 4
                          All of Canada is excited about this one.

                          Alex Cora for one, not attending the White House when the Sox go on Thursday for Bic Macs.

                          Only the NLC has 4 teams playing over. 500 in their division
                          Only the NLE has 1 team playing over .500 in their division

                          Cubs should trade SS Russell to anywhere . He just seems awkwardly out of place now in the Cubs lineup and Epstein has made a blunder here .

                          Thursday means afternoon baseball , theres 6 day games, just add warmth and a brew for baseball on the deck !


                          • The astounding Tony Gwynn would have been 58 years old today
                            He batted .338 lifetime in 20 years all with the Padres
                            Phenomenal stat and gone way too soon of course .

                            Play Ball Tony Gwynn


                            • Edwin Jackson who is pitching in the A's organization just got traded to the Jaze . Not that that's news for Jackson cause if he pitches for the only team in Canada , then he will become the most traded player in history . 14 Teams

                              Cubs and Brewers locked up in the 6th at 1 to 1 . Davies and Hamels throwin double play darts in this one. Winner alone in first place


                              • Ohthani hit his first HR of the year for the Angel's last nite . Former Cub Tommy LeStella leads the Angel's with 10 HRs this year , he had hit a total of 10 HRs on 396 MLB games prior to this season.

                                The MLB season is at the quarter pole . Cubs , Phillies Dodgers lead the NL divisions . Twins , Rays and Astros lead the AL divisions . Rays and Twins would be the surprises in that group.

                                The Marlins have won 10 games this year .

                                The Mighty Bruins take their 2 game lead into tobacco country tonight . The Whalecanes haven't lost at home this year in the playoffs . Brad Marchand was tied for the lead in the NHL scoring playoffs but is now 3rd

                                The Cardinals are the only team in MLB without a successful challenge . They have had 5 cracks at it and lost them all.
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