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    I wanted to get these up earlier but the infraction system doesn't seem to be the sane. It was a good chance to revisit things. You will (hopefully) be pleased to notice there are a lot less official rules. I thought that was just too many for what should be a fun football forum. There is leeway though fo deal with people who demontrate over and over that they are just here to be a pain in the behind. There will be changes as we figure out the system ane make it work

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    Message Board Posting Rules

    1. Personal attacks / name calling of other posters is NOT tolerated. It is possible to disagree with someone's opinion without insulting them. This also applies to attacking someone via the private message system. Same rules apply

    3 days

    2. Rider player attacks are NOT tolerated. You can criticize a player, coach's ability without insulting them as a person or turning them name into an insult. That extends to the whole organization as all positions are too numerous to list.

    1 day

    3. "Trolling" and "fishing" is not tolerated. "Trolling" or "fishing" by definition, means to make a post that goes against the grain, not because it is a true opinion, but to get a negative reaction and cause a disruption to the forum. Disagreements happen naturally but attempts to constantly argue for the sake or arguing, disrupting threads constantly, or just going after posters you don't like etc will be dealt with.

    7 days

    4. Personal rumours about players, coaches etc will not be tolerated. This means rumours about off-field incidents, or legal situations, that have nothing to do with football. We are not here to be like TMZ or "break stories" like that. Anything that is already out in public can be fair game, but until then, it stays off here no matter who your source is.

    1 day

    5. Profanity is filtered but the filter can't catch everything. Try to keep the language clean. You can make your point without swearing and altering spelling to get passed the filter is not cute, just more work for mods. We like to have fun but use your judgement on inappropriate comments posting inappropriate material. There are other places on the internet for that. Repeated offenses with be dealt with.

    6. Professional rumours are allowed, but are regulated. If you have a rumour you want to post, it MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by the following:

    The title of the thread MUST begin with "RUMOUR:" in capital letters.

    The source of the rumour MUST be stated.

    The post MUST begin with "Source:" and state the source no matter how reliable it may be. This may be as ideal as a link to the source, or a simple as "I heard it from a friend," but it MUST be stated.

    7. The people who help run this site are volunteering their time. No one is getting paid for their efforts. Complaining about them, the way this site is moderated etc on the forums will not be tolerated. Bluntly, if that's what you have to contribute, you won't be here much longer.

    General Guidelines - These aren't specific rules with infractions involved. These are guidelines we request people follow to make this place work better. Although there are no specific infractions, if someone is constantly abusing this and demonstrating they have no intention of respecting these guidelines, then eventually action will be taken.

    Fans of all teams are allowed to post here. However, please realize you are in Rider territory and you may read things about your team that you do not like. If you want to talk football you are welcome here. We understand there will be arguments due to different allegiances action, but if you show your main purpose for being here is to agitate Rider fans in in general be a pain in the butt ie lots of trolling, constantly derailing threads, that will be dealt with. If you hate the Riders and their fans, why are you here wanting to talk with us? There are fans of other teams who post here and don't trouble, so there's no reason you can't either.

    Posters are encouraged to help with moderation of this forum. Moderators can't see everything. There is a report post function on each post you can that will alert the mods of what you have seen that you think is inappropriate.

    The Lounge is there to talk about non-football related topics. But we don't want this website turning into a soap-box for anyone's personal agenda. Constant posts against certain groups, religions, etc will not be tolerated.

    Refrain from using different colors and font sizes to draw attention to your posts. It's distracting for people

    Take a look to see if there is another thread on the topic before starting another one

    Although threads can take a life of their own, try and stay on topic. If it's a thread about the special teams, chances are there are other threads to discuss the quarterback and you don't need to make your comment in that thread.

    We have advertisers / sponsors who are paying to have their ads on the site. Out of respect to them, we do not allow other for profit businesses to advertise here. If you have a charity event, please ask if you can promote, for the most part we would be more than happy to help with that.

    Like places in the real world, sponsors often have exclusive rights on shows stadiums etc. Do not promote competitors of our sponsors.

    When discussing business like restaurants, retail stores, we aren't looking to curb discussion. However if posts cross a line where there is a risk of legal action to the site, those threads / posts will be remove. Legal costs would end up my problem, not yours so no apologies for that.

    We can't cover every and all situations here. As time goes if it's apparent we need a new rule, the change will be made here. I've done my best to not make this too restrictive, but not turn it into a free for all. It really shouldn't be hard to follow what's requested on this page.



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